Chocolate Party

Party Name: Teddy Bear Making Party
Age Range: 4+
Number of Guests: 8+
Services Provided:


  • Teddy Bears stuffing activity includes a wishing star, birth certificate and bear t'shirts to personalise 

  • Games including pass the parcel

  • Music,

  • Prizes,

  • Two pampering activities of your choice.

  • Invitations

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: £160 for 8. £10 per head for additional guests.

There's fun galore with our Princess Parties

 An absolute delight for kids and parents alike

The children choose a bear from a gorgeous range of bears, bunnies and lots more.

Bring your bears alive with stuffing then place a star charm inside the bears chest and together we will make a wish! special safe zips to secure and now its time to name your bear!

We will help you fill in your new bears name on their very own birth certificate.


Time to get creative and personalise a cute t shirt for your bear with gems and fabric pens.

This party includes a dressing up box and party props, two other pampering activities: Choose from Nail Art, Princess Makeover or Pretty Hairstyles.


We finish with party games and prizes for everyone.