Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Parties held?
In your own home - Yes we bring the fun to you!

This takes the stress out of organising venue's, transport problems. If you prefer to use your local hall or other venue of your choice, we are happy to come there.

Do I have to make any special arrangements in my home to hold a Pamper Party ?
It’s a girl thing will provide all the tables, chairs and equipment required to do the party. We suggest you use your largest room and push back any furniture and remove valuables. Please also consider how easy accessed the room is so we can speedily set up our equipment to carry out all party activities and keep within your appointed time slot. We will, in most cases be due at another party shortly after yours and it is therefore imperative that we keep within time slots to ensure the smooth running of all parties that day. Any queries related to this please contact us prior to us arriving on the day and we will be happy to advise.


How do I Pay ?
Invoices are prepared on completion of your party according to final numbers of children included in the party activities and any extras requested, i.e. – party bags.
Payment is payable on presentation of our invoice on the day, any queries please
raise them at this point.

Do you have a minimum charge?
Yes,  as we have reserved the appointment time for you and provided the staff and equipment requested, we have a minimum charge of £130.00 irrespective of how many guests arrive on the day.  Extra's are not available as alternatives to absent guests.

 Is the Company Insured?

Yes - It's a Girl Thing has £6 million Public Liability Insurance.

Is my house at risk from the products you use?
We make every effort to ensure that any risk is limited. We provide covers to protect the floor and any furniture. Children are not free to apply the products to themselves or each other. Make up is only applied by the Beauty Therapist and the girls are not free to apply products to themselves or each other. Risk assessments have been carried out to ensure safe working practices.

Who Provides the Invitations?
We do. They will be delivered to you in plenty of time before your party. They include a RSVP tear off section which needs to be signed and returned to the Hostess.


Does every child need their invitation signing?
Yes, it is imperative that your guests sign to confirm they are happy for their child to take part in the Pamper Party activities. To ensure the smooth running of your child's party it is best to ensure these are returned before the party day.

What food do you recommend for the Party?
We recommend that the food is served last or a running buffet, this enables all the girls to eat while still leaving lots of time for fun and pampering! PRINCESS PARTIES - We politely request that the girls are not served party food whilst wearing our Party Dresses.

What Party Games do you play ?
We play traditional party games, and some new funky ones.  Join in our Movie Trivia, Quiz themes include Grease and Disney or compete in a Karaoke Sing off, great fun for wannabe pop stars!

What If I have to cancel ?
Please contact us to see if we can reschedule your party date, if this is not possible, please note there is a 50% charge for bookings cancelled less than 14 days prior to your party.

If you have any other queries please feel free to ask via the Contact Page