Fairy Party 3-8

Party Name: Fairy
Age Range: 4+
Number of Guests: 8+
Services Provided:


  • Invitations

  • Fairy dressing up, sparkly faces, and cute nail art. 

  • Choose a pretty hair accessory to keep, finish with a sprinkle of fairy dust.

  • In between your fairy makeovers, decorate fairy cakes and personalise.your own cake box with stickers, gems and ribbon,

  • Have fun playing a fairy pass the parcel and other fairy themed party games with prizes for all. 

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: £135 for 8 - £10 per head for additional guests

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Ideas for Fairy Party Food

Fairies just love party food.!                                                               

With just a little imagination you can easily create a fabulous fairy feast or a delicious picnic for your fairy guests to enjoy.

  • Use fairy cookie cutters to make sandwiches of soft white bread .

  • Tiny buttered ones sprinkled with hundreds and thousands will surprise them all! as will toadstool shaped jam sandwiches or iced donuts.

  • Fairy Fruit Salad.  Thread chunks of fruit such as strawberries, apple and pineapple alternated with fluffy marshmallows onto skewers.


  • Make Pink fairy fizz by adding a drop of red food colouring to lemonade to turn it the palest fairy pink.


  • Keep everything little and dainty.  Hoola Hoop crisps, carrott and cucumber sticks are all easy for little fingers to handle.

  • Finish with iced gems and fairy cakes decorated in pink icing, sprinkles , edible glitter and popping candy!